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Red Friday


Is it just me, or is it kind of funny that Friday the 13th, the day horror movies are based on, falls right before Valentine’s day this year?  I didn’t realize until this morning that this was the case and it made me chuckle.  Kristi has affectionately decided to title it “Red Friday.”

I figure Love owes me this year.  In the past few week I’ve been asked by 4  couples to help orchestrate romantic events…which I did happily. It’s quite funny actually.  Oddly, matchmaking is one of the things I really enjoy doing. Just ask my friends;  I’m always scheming to hook people up.

(Side note: despite my enthusiasm to help love along whenever I can, I personally hate over-the-top romantic gestures if I am the target. I have actually broken up with guys because of this. )

A single gal on Valentine’s Day, it seems, has only two choices. The first is to embrace the day and her current state of single-hood. This includes wearing pink and red all day, watching romantic movies with other single girls while giving each other spa treatments, and showing the world that “I love ME and am secure in my oneness”. This generally involves cocktails and chocolate fondues.

The second is to boycott it completely. In doing this it becomes not Valentine’s Day, the Day of Love, but rather Black Saturday–the Day of Death to All Things Romantic. This includes wearing black all day, staying in and watching depressing movies where one or more of the main characters (preferably the man) dies in the end, and not communicating with the outside world—particularly happy couples–whatsoever, while consuming copious amounts of vodka. In essence, giving Love the finger and pretending not to give a **** about such a ridiculous “holiday.”

Now I am not a dark person, nor am I very romantic, but something about Valentine’s Day mocks my aloneness, and brings out the deeply disillusioned romantic in me. After all who is this holiday really for anyway? Well clearly not for those of us who are without a better (or worse) half. But it’s also not really for those who have been together, or married for a long time and barely mark the day on their calendar. So actually this not-so-nice February holiday (really February? There’s nothing romantic about the month) caters only to a select group of people. People who still have butterflies in their stomach when he phones. For that, the rest of us suffer.

But there is a 3rd option–throw the term “holiday” around loosely and use it as an excuse to live it up (any excuse!!). Tomorrow night, one of my absolute favorite bands, The Family Band ( is playing and I shall spend the evening with my friends–male, female, single, married, and in between–listening to FANTASTIC music.   And sure, it might end up being a guise for romance for some people, but I can accept that because, hey, Love owes me, right?


Dating Disasters 101


I have a beef. Actually it’s a something that’s been brewing for a long time and to be honest I am just plain pissed off. With whom? Well, it’s not specifically ONE person but rather a whole gender–the male one to be exact.

 Disclaimer to this blogI know not EVERY guy is like the following but humor me for awhile (if you’re one of the good ones, i’m sorry).

Let me tell you about my recent experiences be it dating or other (names and specifics are changed so don’t try and figure out if you know the person). This may also give you some insight into why I hate dating.

The following events have taken place within the past few months and are based on true events:

Harry: Seems like a nice guy. He asks me out, I accept…simple right? We have a relatively good time (o.k. maybe I was a little bored by his stories of all the stupid things he did when he was younger, but you gotta put up with some of that because they all have them). I agree to go out again. After about the 3rd or 4th time (plus phone calls, MSN conversations, etc.) I find out accidentally that this guy has a girlfriend! I stress the word “accidentally” because he most definitely never mentioned her and it’s a fluke that i even found out. Turns out I’m the girl he’d like to cheat on his girlfriend with. Don’t I feel special…

Randy: Nice guy, have known him a little longer than the last one. We are friends and that is all (well, MOSTLY just friends, with the occasional benefit or two). Randy eventually started dating someone new (no problem yet) and we continue the just friendship track. One night after spending some time together a couple months ago Randy edges across that invisible friendship line again but thankfully we are both wise enough not to go there. I am actually sort of proud of him for keeping his hands to himself to be honest.  However, later the same night I walk into a room to find him hitting on a very good friend (no mistaking it, trust me)! The story gets a little messy from here on out, but let’s just say the friendship never recovered.

Marvin (yep, these names are my revenge): Nice guy (notice a pattern?) that I have known for a very long time, though perhaps not very well. One night at a local pub we run into one another and get to chatting. One thing leads to another and before long we are talking until the wee hours of the morning. He kisses me and we have a fabulous night leaving it without any sort of conclusion because he lives in a different province. Had the story ended there, there would be no problem however the next day (surprise surprise) I find out HE HAS A GIRLFRIEND (oh how useful Facebook has proven to be!)!! Yet another guy who is looking to cheat on his girlfriend (and no, he never called).

Francis: Nice guy, barely know him. Actually he’s one of those people whose face you know but with whom you have never actually had a conversation. One day I run into him at the grocery store and we have a very long conversation. After that it seems I keep running into him everywhere I go and I am getting that “I think you’re special” sort of vibe. At this point, let me just say that I could care less about the vibe as my track record has been less than descent so far (there are others just as bad but there’s not enough blog space in the world to really start on those ones). I am at the point where I dread initiating conversation with them because I know it’s only a matter of time before I find out what an idiot they are. That being said, I am a nice girl who doesn’t want to judge others and an eternal optimist at that. I run into Francis again and again until finally one day he asks me to go to the beach. We have mutual friends who are going and I agree. I say I’ll be there so I force myself to go later even though I am dreading it and desperately want to stay at home to watch the Office.  I arrive to the beach and immediately he greets me. So far so good. We talk for a few minutes when suddenly he puts his shoes on and says “I’ll be right back in about 10 minutes.” then proceeds to jump in his car and drive away.

“That’s odd.” I think to myself but continue to have a good time at the beach anyway.

Francis never returned.

Seriously, WHO DOES THAT????!!!

At this point it’s just plain funny to me. It’s not just guys I have dated but friends, acquaintances, strangers…that are all shaping up to be complete morons. Did I not notice them before or is there more of them now? Are they taking over the world? Have they ganged up to make my life hell?  But most of all…

Are there any good ones left?

This past birthday I had a very distinct thought that went a little like this: “I think that I’m a grown-up now.” And for the first time in my life I actually feel like one…However, it turns out that they are just not growing up with me and my patience for their immature ways is growing increasingly low.

That’s my rant for tonight because I am tired and annoyed. Hopefully I will have some more encouraging things to write in the future.

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