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The Bits in My Brain

the-facts.gifI have these random facts that just float around in my head that I have picked up in my 27 years of existence. I have come to realize they are completely useless, but still interesting…so I will share them with you. Here are all the useless things I know:

  • Giraffes sleep only 5-30 minutes per day but eat from 16-20 hours per day!
  • Iceland consumes the most Coca Cola per capita
  • The Czech Republic consumes the most beer per capita
  • Elephants can laugh and they also mourn
  • Coffee helps prevent the following diseases: diabetes, colon cancer, Alzheimer’s, and Parkinson’s disease
  • China has more English speakers than the United States
  • Panda bears often abandon their babies because they are afraid of them
  • Horses cannot puke
  • Camels have three eye lids
  • Elephants can’t jump (but every other mammal can)
  • The square root of 5 is: 2.236067978…(I memorized this is the 11th grade and never forgot it)
  • One language dies out approximately every two weeks
  • The skin on your elbow is called your “wenus” and you can pinch it as hard as you can and it won’t hurt
  • A Goldfish has the memory span of 3 seconds
  • Canada consumes the most macaroni and cheese per capita
  • A leopard can drag a zebra up a tree and hang it there
  • King James was gay (as in the King James bible guy)
  • Okinawa Island, Japan has the healthiest people in the world
  • Malta is the fattest country in the world (followed by Britain, then US, then Canada)

o.k. now that i have that off my chest i feel much better. I don’t know why I remember random things like this–I think my many trips to wildlife parks and zoos explain my animal references–everything else is a mystery.


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