My Week


I think its just one of those weeks…when you feel like nothing is going to work out and just get generally discouraged by life. Maybe it’s the time of year–so dark and cold–forcing me to feel this way. Or maybe the realization that working full-time and doing school full-time is stressful both relationally and financially. But for whatever reason I’ve been feeling blue the past few days…frustrated like I am running and getting nowhere. Funny how its so easy to lose focus. I’m the queen of that.  I wonder where I ever got the idea that life should be easier than it is. I guess for some people it seems like it is, even though I know better.

But on a more upbeat note, I saw two great films this week.

1. JUNO — hilarious and thought-provoking. I read a review in MacLean’s magazine about it criticizing that it promotes teen pregnancy. Maybe it does, I don’t know. But the truth is that it is a reality today, and not that uncommon. I won’t give anything away, but would love to hear your thoughts too.

2. Once — an independent Irish film about music and friendship. This movie has one of the most amazing soundtracks I have ever heard ( The whole thing was filmed in 17 days and features the Irish band The Frames.  I highly recommend it (lots of swearing though, just to warn you).

Both movies had that “real-life” bitter-sweet feel to them. I think it’s interesting how more and more, movies like that are becoming more popular. I think our generation is looking for more than a good story with a happy ending. Because, as I mentioned before, life is never like that.

It’s hard for us all.


2 Responses to “My Week”

  1. 1 January 30, 2008 at 9:26 am

    I hear you. Bittersweet is a great word.

  2. 2 Tim January 30, 2008 at 4:27 pm

    I don’t know the details but I understand the essence of what you’re saying all too well.

    I was saying to someone yesterday, “It shouldn’t be this hard.”

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