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Top 5 Underated Vacation Hot Spots:

In my job I have to travel a lot, which isn’t too bad since I really enjoy travelling. I was thinking about all the places I’ve been that are completely under-rated and think more people should experience. Grant it, most of them are in the East Coast, hence a little bias, but here it is…or at least part one because how could I choose just 5?

1. Coastal Maine: In the fall particularly, and in the Southern part if you have only a couple of days. Hightway #1 is long and windy but it takes you through some GORGEOUS places on the coast. In October the trees are spectacular, and the crowds are small so you can get all the touristy fun without the tourists! There are also a lot of really cute little islands you can take a ferry and see. In fact I am planning to go to one such island in a few weeks.

2. Niagra-on-the-Lake, Ontario: not to be confused with Niagra Falls which is like a mini Las Vegas full of tourist traps. Niagra region is known for its wine making and you can do some pretty cool winery tours and walk through a really cute town which is over-priced and full of seniors, but hey, that’s what vacationing is all about right?

3. Boston: I love this city. It’s just full of history and despite the fact that it’s a disaster for driving, it’s beautiful for walking, especially if you are a history buff or a Red Socks fan. I love how the whole city gets into the baseball season. I’m not going to lie and say it’s a classy city–it’s sports and east-coast culture all the way–but it’s a lot of fun! The people are friendly and there are so many great restaurants (especially in the North End which is their “little Italy”…mmmmmm)…and Bostonians are a whole breed of their own!

4. New York City: Just because it’s New York City and I think EVERYONE should go at least once. How much of North American pop-culture is rooted in this city? Only by going can you really understand the draw and why New Yorkers never leave. It’s not as chaotic as most people imagine it to be, and quite easy to navigate your way around. There are endless amounts of things to do and see, and once you’ve been you can watch shows like “Friends” and understand much better.

5. New Burnswick: O.k., i know this is my home province right now, but it took me a long time to realize how much it has to offer. The Fundy Bay is so beautiful and all along the coast are great towns, cities, and Islands: Shediac, St. Martin’s, Sussex, Fundy National Park, St. Andrews, Grand Manan, Deer Island, Campobello, and Saint John which is the oldest city in Canada. But it’s not just southern New Brunswick. The northern part is beautiful as well with a more rough & rustic feel–rolling hills and colorful trees dispersed between rivers, lakes, etc. I still have a lot of exploring to do but I am continually shocked by the beauty of a province I never originally thought offered very much. Just be willing to get off the main highway because that’s the most boring part of the whole province!


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