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I’m on vacation, at home in Summerside, PEI.  This town is incredibly interesting from an outside point of view. In the winter it is all but lifeless. Everyone stays indoors and nothing happens. Teenagers get into trouble and old people complain about anything and everything.

But in the summer it’s a different story. If I wasn’t FROM here I might call it sort of magical I think. Among the many things I have packed in already in my week at home one included a movie.  You see, this town is on the sea and there is a park with a boardwalk all along the water. It’s beautiful really. On Friday nights they play movies outdoors in the park and I happened to attend the latest one with my sister. 

For a moment as I sat there it was like I didn’t know any better and was overcome by total awe. It was a warm evening and about 40 people gathered all over the grass to sit for the showing. The breeze was blowing and every star in the sky was visible–waves were quietly rolling into shore and you could smell the salt water mixing with the fresh smell of summer.  It was pretty stunning actually. This town is almost picturesque sometimes…

 Right now I am typing from my parents’ back deck…being attacked from all sides by vicious mosquitos. It is rare this week to have much time to write but i don’t mind. Last night I went to my cousin’s wedding.  They rented one of those huge tents and everyone drank and danced until 2 a.m. in the usual Perry style (or maybe it’s just “island style”). Everyone was home for it and currently we are sharing the house with my uncle and his partner who are home from Victoria, BC.  I love it.

 Today we had another family gathering (the other side) and we barbequed and played on the beach and ate and drank some more! It’s true that we are really lucky to call this place home.

If only we could get rid of these damn mosquitos…


4 Responses to “Home”

  1. 1 Tim July 17, 2007 at 2:29 pm

    I think the secret to discovering the true beauty of Summerside is to have a home there. When you’re there as a tourist, you get to see the highlights but you miss out on the true depth of the community and what it has to offer. When you stay there for a while (or a long while in your case Shelley), you start to (even for a couple of weeks) get a sense of the people, the landscape, and what makes it a place for instance that my parents are happy to call home after almost 30 years of living in SS.

    My favorite moments when I was there in March was every afternoon taking Evan around to different playgrounds in the city just for fun. There was one (I wish that I could remember where) that he loved and we’d go to a few times. It was there I got to start talking with some parents from the community and got to watch their kids play with Evan. Not something you can do as a tourist. It’s a great place!

    ….although there is a serious lack of spots to get a good coffee though but then again I have issues 🙂

  2. 2 brianmpei July 19, 2007 at 4:57 pm

    “these damn mosquitos…” are you kidding? those blood suckers are part of the charm and while you might never sing, ‘I left my heart in Summerside…” you can sing that you’ve left a pint of your blood there.

  3. 3 Chris July 20, 2007 at 2:37 pm

    “This town is almost picturesque sometimes.”
    Shell I remember in first year was it? or maybe it was second year where Leslie, Kristi, you and I went around Summerside (I think it was Summerside), and we went to pubs and walked the cobblestone streets. It was such a good time, and I thought the same thing then, that the town was so beautiful. In fact, I thought that about the whole island. I love that there are movies shown outside, what a great idea! People from all over the town could show up and watch a film together. Watching a movie with 50 people you don’t even know gives such a nice atmosphere and closeness with the community of Summerside. You described it so well.

  4. 4 shelleyperry July 26, 2007 at 2:13 pm

    Chris…that was actually Charlotteotwn which is a bigger version of the same thing. The whole island is pretty great during the summer.

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