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The Fish Slayer

nemo.jpg  For those of you who don’t know the background about a month ago I had a goldfish. His name was Marden (I was in charge of taking care of him for a very sweet student of SSU for the summer). 4 days after living with me Marden was dead (he lasted 7 month before me).  He’s in my freezer right now if you don’t believe me.

On Saturday my friends surprised me with a new goldfish for my empty tank– Monty Bonhoeffer. Despite my objections regarding my inadequate skills with things like plants and fish, they assured me I would be fine. They even de-chlorinated my water and made it “fish friendly”.

This morning (Monday) I woke up and Monty was dead.

Coincidence? I think not. Was it suicide? Fish can sense when they are left in incapable hands and perhaps he thought he best do himself in now before he starved to death or worse. I have a sinking suspicion that my name is feared within the goldfish world–Shelley the Fish Slayer.



Life’s a Bitch…


I can’t seem to get the story of little Madeleine McCann out of my head.

For those of you who don’t know this is a 4 year old Irish girl who was kidnapped in Portugal in early May while the family was on vacation. The search has been on for 48 days now and so far no promising leads. I think any attention is good with something like this because the more people who know her face the better, which is why I am posting a picture of her (see for more info).

This whole thing has me thinking about the randomness of life and how it seems that some people get all the hard stuff while others get to lead a relatively “normal” life.  I hate that there is no guarantee. It doesn’t run on a Karma basis where if you are a good person who does good things, then your life will be good; and if you are a bad person who does bad things then your life will be bad. That’s what moral stories tell us isn’t it? That if you’ve had a hard life then the Universe owes you and something good is bound to come your way. I wish it was so simple. Those are the kind of rules I desperately WANT the world to run on. But that’s not the case.

Take Madeleine’s father for example. From what I can tell Gerry McMann has led a good life. He is a doctor with a strong faith who loves his family. Yesterday on the way to London by plane from Portugal (where he continues the search for his daughter) he saved a man’s life who was in cardiac arrest. He went to London to meet with people who can help in expanding the search (imagine the stress and exhaustion!).  When he arrived in London he stopped at a bank machine where (here’s where it gets unbelievable) he was pick pocketed!! His wallet was stolen and with it his favorite pictures of Madeleine of which he has no copies.  I read this and thought, “Why God? That’s just not fair!”. And it’s not. A good Samaritan, in the midst of his worst nightmare, is kicked while he’s down.

Life’s a bitch.

Now I consider myself a person of faith but I absolutely do not believe in God because I think that if I’m good and pray and believe then good things will happen in my life (I can hear the shallow Christians’ voices now: “God wants to prosper you.” and “God only has great things in store for you”, etc.). I believe because when the sh*t hits the fan (and i know it will someday…) there will be something– nay, someONE– who will make sure I have strength to get through it and comfort me when I think I can’t go on. No human is capable of that as I’m sure Madeleine’s parents will attest.

Things like Madeleine’s abduction make me feel sick that this is the kind of world where we live. But faith like the McMann’s makes me proud to lean on the same source that is getting them through day 48.

*police are asking any tourists in Portugal during the first two weeks of May to search pictures and submit anything that could help with the search

The Mystery


I am in PEI at a conference this weekend. You may be thinking, “What exactly does Shelley DO at these conferences? Or “what does she spend her time thinking about?”  Well the truth is that these days I don’t spend my time thinking about anything very deep or important…and the few deep thoughts I DO have, I feel like keeping to myself for awhile. But the following is the inside scoop on the private life of Shelley Perry. It is a list of EVERYTHING found in my purse at this very moment! What does this say about me? 

*Cell phone (starts out normal)
*2 note pads
*3 pens
*1 day-timer (I have never once used this)
*Post-it notes (things I need to remember to do)
*Muscle relaxants
*Lip Stick
*Name tag
*2 books (one I started reading 4 weeks ago and am only on chapter 3, the other a book I have never read but for some reason found its way in my purse)
*Greeting Card
*Water gun
*DVD—Friends: Season 5, disk one
*Candy wrappers

Things I don’t have in my purse but wish I did:

cell phone charger
John Mayer

My Humps

This is so funny. Alanis Morrisette doing “My Humps” by the Black Eyed Peas. 

Good Advice

"Don't sweat the petty things and don't pet the sweaty things"

Currently reading…

"'Tis" by Frank McCourt


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