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One of my best friends, Kristi, and I used to spend time during classes thinking up funny things to write to each other: poems, songs, quizzes, etc.  That was in our first year of university (yeah, we learned a lot that year). Many of these traditions have carried on through email as she and I travelled and worked thousands of miles a part and so I have hundreds of hysterical emails and letters. I think it’s time to let others in on our utter coolness so I will share with you some of my favorite work that we have produced (it’s copywrited so don’t even THINK about stealing them).  One tradition we have carried on is “TOP 5s”. Thanks to Brian and his blog “Cracked Virtue” (check out the link on the side), I was reminded of these and thought i’d share some.

Kristi’s Top 5 Favorite Sports:

1) Tether ball
2) Chasing wolverines
3) Applying chap stick
4) Shooting cows
5) Riding my BMX over some sweet jumps

Shelley’s Top 5 best things about Kristi:

1. She’s truly the “Dancing Queen” prophesied by Abba.
2. She can quote the following movies: Napolean Dynamite, Bridget Jones, When Harry Met Sally, Austin Powers 3, and Zoolander in everyday conversation
3. She’s got a gift of encouragement that could persuade the world to love Americans (if she were to bend her powers that way).
4. HOT HOT HOT with a keen sense of fashion
5. When you go to work she will decorate your room for you

Kristi & Shelley’s Top 5 Role Models:

1) Babe (The pig)–Herding sheep is not as easy as it looks.
2) Anne (of Green Gables)–the silent “E” makes her strong
3) Sheryl Crow–A rock star that knows what she wants! Lance wasn’t strong enough to be her man!
4) Bridget Jones–because she makes the rest of us look good
5) Charlize Theron–because she’s so @%$&*& pretty but still played that role in Monster

Kristi & Shelley’s Top 5 Desserts (my favorite catagory)

1)Sex in a bucket (because if you can’t get it in a bed you may as well have it in a bucket!)
2)Cherry Cheesecake (Kristi’s NOT shelley’s)
3)Colin Firth, with a side of whip cream
5)Chocolate ice cream on a chocolate brownie topped with chocolate sauce, chocolate chunks and chocolate-covered strawberries

Don’t worry, there will be more Top 5s to come…stay tuned.


2 Responses to “Top 5’s”

  1. 1 Brianmpei May 16, 2007 at 10:39 pm

    I cannot endorse any top 5 list that includes Colin Firth as dessert or otherwise. No flesh and blood mortal man can compete with Mr. Darcy and he’s always Mr. Darcy to SOME people no matter what part he’s playing. I won’t go in to the personal reasons for my dislike for Mr. Firth.

  2. 2 shelleyperry May 17, 2007 at 6:40 pm

    hmmm. I see Donna’s past has once again caused a rift in your marriage.

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