This One’s for the Boys


This One’s For the Boys

After some serious bitch-fests with girls lately, i have decided to let the males in the world in on some key secrets of the female gender when it comes to relationships. PAY ATTENTION. I am not cynical, I am just trying to help.

1. Talking is VERY important to most girls. If we say “i don’t want to talk about it,” we’re lying. we definitely want to talk about it, but only with someone who is actually interested and isn’t going to be mean. By not pressing the issue we get the impression that you don’t care.

2. Don’t try and fix our problems. Most of us HATE IT when you do this. Just listen and SYMPATHIZE. We will get over this problem eventually and we know that, we just need someone to analyze it with in the mean time.

3. Sometimes we like a good fight. We know we can be completely unreasonable sometimes and we want to know you have the balls to stand up for yourself when we are.

4. If you didn’t ask for forgiveness then we are likely still holding a grudge. This may be a case where we are being unreasonable, but because we ACT like things are o.k., don’t think they are. We will pull it out sometime when you least expect it. The best solution to this is to talk about the conflict to death to be sure it is resolved. Just ignoring it will make it worse for everyone.

5. Keep your word. I find this to be a huge problem with a lot of guys these days. They think it is o.k. to break plans whenever they want because something else has come up. THAT’S NOT O.K.! It’s not considerate and we actually put weight on your word so stop taking our niceness for granted.

6. Be considerate. A lot of guys THINK they are considerate but they are actually quite stupid. We know that so we tend to give more grace than we should. It’s the little things that count so start figuring out what we take in our coffee, our favorite wine, how to do dishes, make the bed, etc, etc. I GUARANTEE this will go a long way with any girl. Look at the kinds of things girls do for each other and use that as a guideline. Picking us up from work when you know we have to walk, or walking us home even if it’s an extra couple of blocks, is huge to us. Girls see this stuff as common sense and expect it from you.

7. We don’t find any of the following things impressive:
The fact that you can
–bench press 8000 lbs.
–open a beer on your chest
–burp the alphabet
–drive faster than the guy in front of you
–achieve level “awesome” on your new computer game
–eat 17 grill cheese sandwiches
–accurately quote every line from a Monty Python movie (WITH voices)

(this list is not exclusive)

8. We DO find the following things impressive:
The fact that you:
–cooked us dinner
–fixed the sink when it was plugged and we didn’t ask
–stood up for someone when they weren’t around
–told us something no one else knows
–made us laugh when we were upset
–didn’t blame the fact that we were pissed off on PMS (even if it’s true)
–accomplished something you’ve always wanted to do

9. Affirmation is important. If you don’t give us positive feedback we assume you only have negative things to say (if you thought it, you would say it). For example if you don’t say “I love you” then we assume you don’t. If you don’t say “you did a great job” then we assume we didn’t. If you don’t say “you look pretty” then we assume you think we look ugly. Get it? This is very important for everyone no matter how long they have been together.

10. Just face it, sometimes we are better at stuff than you. Girls generally aren’t trying to prove anything to you so we don’t bother letting you know that we can do just as good of a job as you. For example,a special skill I have is that I can open a bottle on anything when there is no bottle opener to be found. I have recently discovered that guys are threatened by this skill and some outright refuse to let me, a girl, open their beer. I don’t bother arguing anymore because it’s not worth my time or energy to justify this to a guy. However, i do find it incredibly annoying. Just let us be good at the stuff we’re good at, EVEN IF IT’S SOMETHING YOU CONSIDERED TO BE A GUY-THING. By getting upset at us you just end up looking like an idiot.

well, that’s all I got. if i helped one male, then my work here is done.


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